Where do the broken things go?

Last December I watched, “The song of the sea,” an animated fantasy film (2014). Well worth your watching, and likely to make you shed a few tears. I won’t spoil the story, but the part I want to share with you is about Macha the owl witch. “Her logic of thinking is that it’s easier to bottle up your emotions in a jar than go through life suffering from the pain that comes with feeling.” She herself is slowly turning to stone as she bottles more and more of what she feels away.

Macha the owl witch from “Song of the sea”

Often painful things are easier to stuff down than deal with. Yet the truth is, that in doing this, we slowly kill part of who we are.

I love this Japanese wisdom story. – do take a moment to read it https://philipchircop.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/the-fable-of-kintsukuroi/

From the time I heard this story, the beautiful symbolism has stayed with me.

Kintsukuroi (“golden mend”) is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver.

It taught me not to hide the broken places but to allow time and new experiences to be the gold that binds the once broken pieces together.

The good and the bad become inextricably bound within us and to bottle up the bad feelings and experiences inevitably means we stifle the good feelings too.

These are some of the broken things from my home …

When a cup breaks in our home, we don’t throw it away, we fill it with our own version of gold and keep it as a reminder that there is no shame in mistakes and brokenness. The “My little pony” cup , image 3, is particularly special. My sister and I each had one, from London, about 1984. I like to plant little succulents in some of the broken cups. For me, they symbolise a second chance and a resilience that comes through embracing our brokenness. This particular succulent makes lovely baby shoots that can be separated from the mother plant and shared with a friend. I received the first plant 14 years ago from my then, mother in law to be. I’ve been paying the plant forward since.

Let the gold of time and new experiences begin to fill your soul, fill the cracks and let the feathers of dreams begin to grow again and allow the kind souls who do exist to keep you safe while your wings repair themselves.

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I'm a lover of free verse poetry and cups of tea. The quickest way to energise me is to give me a moment under open sky, preferably in a garden. I love beautiful trees and Purple Crested Lourie birds and making school come alive for my students.

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